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In a customs as deeply grounded in tradition as Latin America, just about every country possesses its own unique customs to celebrate the union of two people. Whether it’s the seguidilla manchegas (money dance) or perhaps las arras, these classic and celebratory rituals bring a little culture to any wedding.

One thing which is different of a Latin wedding ceremony is the fact it’s often more than just a single event. Along with the legal desposorio, or civil wedding, there’s also a religious commemoration called la sagrada hora para vida (holy hour of marriage). “This is a moment for family and friends to offer their benefits, as well as to goodness los padrinos and todas las madrinas, inches says Adriana. “These are the special people who take part in probably the most important components of the feast day, like el lazo and las aval. ”

Lazo Wedding ceremony

A common unity ritual is definitely the lasso formal procedure, also known as the cepo de matrimonio (wedding lasso). The bridegroom and star of the wedding stand facing each other when their padrinos wrapping a long bright white cord about their shoulder muscles and cross or perhaps tie it together at the center. This represents all their unity and their commitment to each other.

If a couple comes with this practice into their special event, it’s a delightful way to pay homage with their heritage and to the many family members who came from all over to attend the event. Baca reminds brides- and grooms-to-be to focus on honoring all those practices that meet with them, instead of worrying about showcasing every single Latina wedding traditions.