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Company total general events are an important occasion to review the year’s activities and set goals for future years. This event as well allows shareholders to hold the management team accountable also to raise corporate governance and general meetings concerns over specific concerns. These incidents can be a great way to build trust and self-confidence between the company as well as its stakeholders.

The meeting is generally held within six months (five in Australia) within the financial year-end and after the organization accounts have been audited. Shareholders receive a notice of this AGM like the day, time and location of the meeting along with its goal. They may register for the meeting on the enterprise website or through the shareholder relations section.

During the AGM, the aboard and operations team should present an in depth report over the company’s efficiency. It’s extremely important to give attendees plenty of time to ask questions and raise problems.

A good way to activate your viewers is through multimedia reports. These are more entertaining than ever and make complicated topics better to understand and remember. Adding awesome visuals to the presentation can increase projected audience attention and engagement throughout the AGM.

A company’s eAGM software should help the board put together all relevant meeting elements prior to the actual moment of the AGM. This includes a digital board publication that facilitates the preparation for the AGM course and the the distribution of get together documents to attendees prior to meeting. This may also help manage any resolutions that need to be reviewed and the best performer on throughout the AGM, which include revisions to the provider constitution.